Thursday, 3 March 2016

The Sins of the Mother

I've uploaded the second Thelenic Curriculum short story, "The Sins of the Mother". This one deals with famous events that take place some years before the story told in my novel, "The Wake of Manadar."
It's one of those stories which in my wildest dreams will really get Thelenic Curriculum nerds excited, once/ if they actually exist. A man can dream. The next related short will probably have a bit more action in it, since I know the first two have been a bit philosophical.

In related news, I've also submitted a short for the latest Heresy Online Expeditious Story, called "Leviathan". The thread containing the story can be found here.

As of now mine is the only story, on the theme of 'Serenity', but I tend to bang these things out a bit so I expect there'll be plenty more before the end of March, which is the deadline. If you're allergic to Heresy Online or something, I'll upload "Leviathan" here once the competition is over.

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