The Emperor's Children, 63rd Company

The Emperor's Children have always had a strained relationship with the other Traitor Legions. In the case of a war-leader by the name of Karras the Lustful, his uneasy alliance with the Black Legion came to a violent end when, after an argument over the distribution of prisoners from a recent raid, the Emperor's Children turned on their erstwhile allies, killing them to a man in a brief, brutal firefight in the halls of the space hulk, Palace of Diversions. Unknown to Karras, the Champion of the squad of Black Legion sent by the Despoiler to oversee their ship, the Murder class cruiser Götterdämmerung, had been fitted with a dead-man trigger, causing the vessel's warp engines to overload and explode on his death. Palace of Diversions was too large a hulk to be destroyed by this disaster, but lacking its own warp engines the wreck was doomed to drift in the Immaterium until such time as the Dark Gods saw fit to return it to reality.

Squad Dominator, Havoks

The name of the vessel was largely ironic, for in truth Palace of Diversions offered precious little to occupy the sensation-obsessed Chaos Marines. The surviving slaves were quickly used up, and after only a few weeks Karras knew that unless his warband escaped soon, or found some new diversion, they would fall to infighting and be destroyed. Already some, including the Raptors of Squad Babylon, advocated destroying the hulk's already fluctuating Gellar Field generators and surrendering their souls to the warp. After a conference with his lieutenant, the Sorcerer Sussurus the Painrider, Karras decided to give the Raptors their wish. In a manner of speaking. In a mighty ritual, Karras and Sussurus sacrficed Auruos, the Raptor Champion, and his sympathisers - a full third of the warband- to Slaanesh, offering a single plea- that the Dark Prince deliver him and his warriors from this torment, bringing them some new sensation and freedom from the warp.

The Midnight Riders, with Karyn the Lewd

As the souls of the traitors were sucked greedily into the Warp, Slaanesh responded. The bodies of Karras and his warriors were twisted and changed in an ecstatic transmogrification, creating the first, and only known, warband of entirely female Chaos Space Marines. Even as the Emperor's Children came to terms with this staggering event, Palace of Diversions suddenly crashed out of the Warp, immediately colliding with the Excoriators Chapter Strike Cruiser, Virtue of Execution. Though the Loyalist vessel was only lightly damaged, designed as it was for ramming and boarding actions, it was briefly stuck fast, allowing the newly transformed Karyn the Lewd to lead her warband in a lightning boarding action. Though the two squads of Excoriators fought bravely and well, the assault was spearheaded by the Contemptor Dreadnought known only as The Hedonist, and to make matters worse Virtue of Execution's crew soon found packs of howling Daemonettes overrunning the engineering decks from a breach in the warp engines. By the time Karyn reached the bridge, only a single Excoriator was left alive, desperately attempting to trigger the vessel's self destruct systems. Karyn playfully removed all four of the Marine's limbs with her glowing warpblade before firing him in an escape pod towards the nearest Imperial system as her herald.

Squad Ecstasy, Noise Marines
Now renamed Virtue of Excess, the captured Strike Cruiser prowls the spacelanes, raiding for slaves, plunder, and sensation. Soon the Cult of the Obscure Caress would join their ranks, and they would also pursue joint operations with the 3rd Trojan regiment, an infamous force of Traitors. Eventually, after a long dalliance with the Keeper of Secrets, As'ylla, Mistress of the Seven Keys, Karyn would be reborn for a second time, though that is another, (mature flagged) story...

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