Sunday, 1 July 2018

Drukhari Reboot: Showcase

Since I've finally completed Phase 1 of replacing practically my entire Dark El- sorry, Drukhari army, I thought it was about time for a showcase post. Of course since you read this blog religiously- and I apologise if the notification that this post had gone up disrupted any other plans you might have had for the day- you've already seen the Command Raider from a while back.

But now there's more.

Oh, so much more.

Such needful things!

First up are my twin sister Succubi, Hypatia the Henna-Haired Harridan and Ritala, the Lashtongue. Hypatia, with the Blood Glaive, is currently the Warlord but Ritala would love to claim the title and also the other half of the Gleaming Visage, their mother's mask. These two are based on the Gemini Twins from Rumbleslam, and have a hidden feature- due to a magnet concealed in the skull each is standing on, they can do this:

I'm quite pleased with how that worked out, though on the army's first outing yesterday I, er, forgot to bring them with me. So their Raider-surfing debut is yet to come! (I put them in the carry case as soon as these photos were taken, so they shouldn't miss the bus next time.)

Next up are the Reavers:

As usual, I've used magnets to allow the weapons on the two special weapon bikes to be swapped out. At the moment, going on the theory that two Blasters aren't all that likely to do much on their own, I'm using Heat Lances with a view to killing Characters that rely on an armour save to survive. I still think that someone hasn't noticed that the Lance rule isn't a thing any more, since using the things against vehicles is so unreliable.

My Wyches are all converted from Witch Elves now, which leaves me with a sizeable pile of old metal and plastic Wyches just sort of sitting there. Anyway, the reboot has allowed me to do this:

And match them to this:

Now the idea here is that each Wych squad has its own distinct hair colour, which matches that of the crew of the Raider they ride in. So above, for example, we have the Daughters of Xereus and the Conveyance of Xereus, which they ride in. A minor, well, sort of minor, error I made was that since the Daughters were made a long time ago as a squad of Bloodbrides, they have three Shardnets which is of course two more than they really need. So in practice, the hair thing only applies to the standard Wyches, the specialists have different colours which do at least help them stand out in a squad.

So, the next squad are the Nightshade Coven:

You'll probably spot right away that there's four special weapons in there. I grouped them by hair colour for the shot since this whole thing also served as a census of sorts. Old hands might notice that one of the Wyches, rather than Hydra Gauntlets, is a traditionalist who's gone with Hydraknives. (Made, shockingly, by sticking two knives together). This unit has mostly Wych arms, making them look a bit more muscular than those using Witch Elf limbs, so it usually has the +1 Strength combat drug. That's also why the Hekatrix has a Power Sword.

Now, that brings up a little side-point which I was looking to mention- tracking combat drugs. My FLGS recently acquired a laser engraver and has therefore been engraving anything into everything that can't get away fast enough, so I commissioned a set of these:

If you like to live dangerously and roll up all your Drugs, these dice let you do it without having to look up the result, and regardless of how you generate your bonuses you can then use the dice as a marker. The red dice is a turn counter that also tracks what level Power From Pain is at. Handy, and available here. Back to the models!

One more Wych squad, the Sisterhood of Screams after their Screamer Pink hair. In practice, I go with one each of the three Wych special weapons since all three are pretty decent now. I'm sure one of those fellows with a spreadsheet will tell us all which one is 'best' eventually, but I like how all of them came out so I'm keeping them.

I nearly forgot to mention that I was really cross to discover that there was indeed a Shock Prow part and the bloody thing only comes in the Ravager kit. Darn you Games Workshop, darn you to heck!

Next up will be the Kabalite side of the force, once it's done, along with Sslyth, and Scourges. That's going to include three Ravagers though, and so far I have one which is still in the box, so don't hold your breath.

Oh, and get back to that important thing I interrupted. Sorry!

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