Sunday, 14 May 2017

Dark Souls: Mr Smough's Embarrassing Problem

I've been working my way through the models in the Dark Souls board game, and as we can see Mr Smough here has a.. problem. We shall call it Hammer Droopitis.

Put it in the Big Book! Actually don't. Also (c) Disney because I don't need that sort of heat.
 It seems that the plastic poor Mr Smough is made of isn't quite capable of dealing with the weight of the massive hammer head, because an initial treatment with hot water only fixed the problem for a couple of days before The Droop returned. So stronger measures were required.

Sadly Mr Smough's 'partner', Mr Ornstein, was not supportive.
The first thing I did was to apply the hot water again and get the hammer shaft as straight as I could again. Once this had cooled and dried, I cut the hammer head off with a razor-saw as cleanly as possible:
Most of that flock is stuck to the mat, but I'll admit surgical hygiene left a bit to be desired 
The next step was to drill a hole as deep into both the hammer head and the shaft as possible. Into this I then pushed a suitable pin, for which I chose an old broken steel bit for the same drill since it wouldn't bend.

There's a hole in the head and a pin down the shaft and he's still standing. What intestinal fortitude!
Finally, after dry-fitting the whole thing and leaving it for a day or so to make sure The Droop had been banished, I glued the whole thing together again. Whilst due to the way Mr Smough is posed there's still a little curve, it seems quite a bit straighter and he seems much happier.

Is he smiling under there? I'm going to assume so.
To be fair to Steamforged, the Dark Souls models are meant to be good board game pieces as opposed to proper miniatures, so the somewhat soft material is understandable and makes them easier to transport. Just don't expect me to do this with those bendy arrows on the Silver Knights...

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