Tuesday, 5 January 2016

The Fall of the Third Trojan Regiment

I've added a background piece for my Slaanesh Traitor Guard, the Third Trojan Regiment, which you can read here. The latest modelling additions are the new Chimera above, Hellion, and a squad of Disciples, both of which are over on my Deviantart.

I promised a bit more 40k fiction a while back- this is incoming, but the Christmas/ New Year period has been more disruptive and distracting than I'd hoped. My book, The Wake of Manadar, is trundling along on Kindle but not doing big numbers (to put it kindly!) so if you feel like a bit of fantasy/ sci-fi collision with lots of strong female characters (according to actual women!) then please give it a look to support me- it really does mean a lot. I'm going to be doing a bit more of a marketing push on that front soon.

Also, Happy New Year, and many thanks to my readers and especially Faeit 212, whose blogroll is responsible for the vast majority of my traffic. My (rubbish) New Year's Resolution is that this blog will remain completely ad-free, with the honorable exception of plugs for that book which I mention from time-to-time...

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  1. Ye Gods. I know it's daft to comment on your own post, but today I learned that pasting text with any sort of formatting into Blogger is a recipe for disaster. Apologies to anyone who caught the 3rd Trojan piece whilst I was desperately trying to fix the fluctuating font sizes!