Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Welcome to the Thelenic Curriculum, another element in my continuing campaign to promote my book, The Wake of Manadar, without actually spending any money, since I don't really have any!

Yes, boys and girls, that's the sort of excoriating honesty you can expect around here. We all know how annoying promoted tweets and pop-up ads are, so I'm trying to do us all a favour by not using them. Of course there's also the money thing.

On that subject, I'll also be adding new writing here from time-to-time. Some will be fan-fiction, some original pieces. The latter will usually be set in the world of the Thelenic Curriculum and will either be shorts featuring side characters from The Wake of Manadar, or background pieces exploring a little more of the world. I'll avoid spoilers for The Wake of Manadar (hey, there's that link again) and where those do appear, I'll note it clearly in the titles.

Anyway, please excuse the dust and rubble, I'm still working this whole thing out. For now, there's a couple of pieces already up, a Deathwatch short and a fun little crossover of Dr Who and Sherlock Holmes. I plan to do a few of these, each in the style of the original author, so this is my stab at Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

If nothing else, it's an excuse to use 'ejaculated' in a totally non-sexy manner. Shut up at the back.

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